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 WBVN is a 100% listener supported radio station.  You can donate to WBVN directly through Paypal or Givelify, via credit card, completing the below Online Pledge Form, or by completing the E-Z One-Step Form (that you can find below.)

The E-Z One-Step Program is an automatic withdrawal from a checking account or credit card. (Donate bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, annually or whatever schedule you choose)  To find out more or donate directly over the phone, please call us at


E-Z One Step-Automatic Monthly Withdrawal

You can pick ANY of the first 28 days of the month! You can use a credit or debit card or even a checking account. (VISA, MASTERCARD or DISCOVER) You can choose once a month or break it in half and give twice a month, if that is EZ-er on your budget. You can also set up an annual, semi-annual or quarterly gift. Call or email the station with any changes to your current, automatically renewing account or if you have any questions. (changes will typically be made within 24 hours) 618.997.1500 or wbvn@wbvn.org. Thank your for supporting WBVN! 

Just print this form out, fill it in, select an ANY of the first 28 days of the month… sign it and mail it back to us. We’ll need you to send a voided check or credit card info. That’s it. It’s “EZ”.

Click HERE for a printer friendly version!

If you have any questions please call us at 618-997-1500.

We feel that contemporary Christian radio is an extraordinary way to share the Gospel in a manner that many people in this area identify with. Your support is used in an efficient, powerful way because each pledge is used to share a message, one that every time it’s shared, becomes an agent for change. We appreciate the opportunity to play some role in “going and telling” about Christ through CCM, ministry in which you’ve played a practical part by sharing with us, benefiting your family, friends and community.

Thank you for your continued support!


Text ANY $ amount, ANY time to 831.222.1500 and you will receive a short form to fill out for a one time credit/debit card donation. (You only have to fill out the form one time. After that, simply text any $ amount for an immediate, secure, one-time donation)



Givelify is a way to give to Christian organizations. We are so happy to add it to the list of ways to donate to this ministy. (By request)

Online Pledge Form

Thanks for being a part of the ministry of WBVN. Just fill out this simple form and click the ‘Submit’ button to make your pledge to this radio ministry. You will then see a confirmation page informing you that we have received your information. You can also contribute through the E-Z 1-Step Automatic Transfer program (See Above). Again, thank you for your generous support of WBVN – FM 104.5




5013C Not For Profit

WBVN is a 501(c)3 organization and each contribution made to this ministry is tax deductible.  Each year the parent organization, Believer’s Voice Network, Inc. is audited by  professional CPA accountant: Dean Snider, offices located at 708 N Russell Street in Marion/ 618.997.2721.  All financial records, revenues and expenses, leases or contracts held by the organization are reviewed by the CPA. The audit is filed with the Federal IRS as well as the State of Illinois.