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Now, we live in some pretty, if not tenuous, then at least confusing times. I had a conversation the other day with a friend about a “seemingly” impossible situation. It was the kind of information that just rips your heart out. When that happens, you naturally want to respond ‘Why?’ Good family, doing their best, serving God. I found myself doing a lot of “shuffling about” trying to make excuses, defending a God ‘who would allow such a thing’ to happen. Several days later, I still can’t think of any response other than that we must truly learn to Trust. Trust when it doesn’t make sense. Trust when we have little patience to do so. I think we’ve learned in the middle of this culture and world that we can’t control everything and have everything go just as we wish. We need to Trust, because in the order of God’s creation, the Spiritual has to dominate the natural. Trust must come first no matter what the natural world brings to our doorstep. Down Here said as much in their song ‘Calmer of the Storm’,

“You rebuke the wind and the waves; once again I find that I am amazed in the power of Your will. Because I’m a child of little faith, I feel the wind and forget Your grace and You say ‘Peace be still.’ And oh, when the torment blows, in the middle of the sea, may I never trust in me…You are the calmer of the storm.”

Believers’ confidence in Christ comes from an inner witness that, while we may be aware of the emotional response we have, we do not subject ourselves to the natural. While aware and being able to observe the natural, we can still learn to Trust in the wisdom of God and the eternal purpose of His Mercy and Grace. Paul taught we are the Temple of God, and as such, the very nature and light of God inhabits believers’ hearts. Even when presented with those “impossible” situations, even when we don’t see it in others and we doubt it in us, we still must humble ourselves to the Word that declares it to be True. There is nothing “super natural” about it– for Christians that knowledge should be the most natural way to live. The Bible is not a book of formulas and mysteries that are designed to be solved by the intellect. The Word is a Spiritual book that is designed to produce a lifestyle that generates “sufficiency” by the very nature of living it out. One thing I’m convinced of, the Father never expected us to live the Christian life without placing the ability in our hearts to do so.

Paul taught that we are His house. (Heb. 3:6, Eph. 3:17) It’s a portion of His Grace. He’s there not because we deserve it, but because of the blood of Jesus. That residency, that strong God is the one Wes King sang of in his song ‘Inside Of Me’,

“You call the leaves in springtime, You speak to the kings of men.
And, You breathe life, life into a baby, yet You make Your home inside of me.
Of all the places You could be, You chose to make Your home inside of me.”

You know the most powerful thing about an answer: it’s the question. Ask the wrong question, get the wrong answer. Asking amiss, well we know from Scripture: we have not! Many times Jesus did not give the answer sought by the questioner but told truths, leaving the question hanging in midair. It seems to me that, while we can ask, and while there is no condemnation in asking it, “Why?” may be one of those questions that will never get an answer. It’s the type of question I would call “an illegal question”. It’s part of the mystery of this whole Creation. Too big really for our minds, only the mind of Christ knows all the whys. However, because we know God and Trust God, we do not need to be asking it of God. My earthly father and I had a great relationship. Because I “knew” him intimately I never had to ask, “Why?” Just knowing him answered that question! It was enough to have the father/son relationship to understand that my father’s love for me settled any why questions for me. Knowing our Heavenly Father has the same results. Even when we don’t understand, when things are not going the way we expected, (just check the news, the television, just sum up the failed solutions that we have been told are solutions) we know His character, His purpose, and we can Trust and not question. One thing I’ve decided about my life is I may be unpredictable, inconsistent, but God is a Rock. He’s the same every day. He does not change. And, I’ve learned from knowing Him, He is for us and not against us. Issue settled! Doubt gone! While I might miss the mark, He never does. I can Trust Him because I have found Him trust-worthy, even in the most “impossible situations”. Do all things go my way? No! But I’ve grown accustomed to having a confidence in Him and assuming an inability to understand everything in me. We will never completely understand. However, we can Trust because we know of the Father’s love for us. The Bible says God tempts no one! Say of the Lord that He is good! Ours is to praise in season and out, in little and much, Praise Him though the stall is empty and the fields barren.

There’s a difference between Mercy and Grace. Grace causes us to prosper even when we don’t deserve it. Grace gives you what you don’t deserve. God did that for us and in doing so made a way for us to be blessed by His unmerited favor, without our understanding! Grace is a bridge between God and you. And, most importantly, we are assured that His Grace is sufficient!

This is my prayer for me (and maybe one for you):

“Father, what we know to do, we will; what we do not know, we Hope in You. We have not been created to solve mysteries after mysteries, ours is to learn to trust and believe. Where we do not understand, fill in the gaps in our understanding. Because I know your “amazing grace” I’ve solved the one great mystery. That God would choose to love something like us is mystery enough, why is not really necessary in your equation. Because I know You, I can trust You. When I don’t understand everything, I still can trust every time. We’ve been called to Praise You in all things; we have not been called to understand You in all things. Father, we will not yield to the temptation to “wait” for understanding before expecting You in our life. Instead, we will wait in confidence and peace, knowing who You are. Now we will stand, not being moved away from Your love, being rooted and grounded in it instead. We trust that you reward those that seek after You, not necessarily because we ‘get’ everything about You, but in the seeking. While the world and the spirit of Antichrist is in the earth and ‘barks’ at us continuously, we are not fearful because we trust in You. Father we trust that we are on a Spiritual journey filled with Hope and Faith, not an intellectual pursuit of information about You.”

I remember a story attributed to Evangelist Smith Wigglesworth. In it, he told of being woke up out of a sleep and observing a devil standing beside the bed. According to Wigglesworth, he simply said, ‘Oh, it’s only you,’ and rolled over and went back to sleep….that’s the trust that I want to have come to…..

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