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September Newsletter- CCM

Celebrating over 27 Years of WBVN’s Contemporary Christian Music…  Contemporary Christian Music!  That’s the moniker we’ve hung our hat on for over 27 years now.  We’ve described how Keith Green, Phil Keaggy, and Randy Stonehill might be considered the founding fathers of CCM.  I’m OK with that, but let me add an asterisk and, at least with a smile, suggest another way to look at the purpose of the music we play.  It’s a short quote from Katharina Schütz Zell recorded almost 500 years ago.  Remember that Christian music has been discussed for such a long time, actually as far back as the Song of Moses.  Here’s Katharina’s statement:

‘God is glad when the craftsman at his bench, the maid at the sink, the farmer at the plough, the dresser at the vines, the mother at the cradle break forth in hymns of prayer, praise and instruction.’

Katharina was a convert during the Luther Reformation, wife of a priest, and pamphleteer with a highly intense concern for the spiritual life of, what we might call today, everyday folks. As a result she began to publish hymns in pamphlet form, thereby encouraging people to participate in a musical experience with God, not just on Sundays but every day of the week.  Martin Luther has been quoted as saying music was “a gift of God to be nurtured and used by man for his delight and edification, as a means for giving praise of the Creator, and as a vehicle for the proclamation of God’s Word.”  So maybe Keith, Phil and Randy will forgive us for looking back a little earlier for the early roots of that every day, ‘at the sink’ music which we trust holds an important place in believers’ lives.

It was for that very reason that we started this radio ministry all those year ago.  Music is relevant to people’s everyday lives and helps put them in contact with a stepped up Worship.  WBVN music can encourage and help all of us focus on Christ. Way to go Katharina!  And, thank you.  Simply put, WBVN is here to declare Good News, Superior News, to the daily grind of today’s world.  We’re here to give an alternative perspective of what the world systems have to offer.  That said, I’d like to ask you a question: do you think God is in trouble?  Is it possible He’s grown a little too old, maybe a bit tired, weary?  How ’bout He’s slowed down a bit or that all the pressure of the world’s problems have become just a little too much for Him to stay on top of.  Just can’t keep up with it anymore.  I mean, more people, more problems, more anger, and more unbelief.  Or, rather, are you one of those believers that in your heart knows that He’s perfectly OK and fully capable, and that image of that old gray-haired man of our imagination might be a bit off course.

WBVN came into being, was commissioned in my and Jane’s hearts and minds, to do one thing and one only: encourage the Body of Christ, the believing Church of Christ.  That’s all we’re about.  It’s all we intend to do.  We’re not about doctrine or denomination, that’s for you to work out individually.  We did not make a mental decision to do this ministry; it was a heart-felt, believed calling for us.  What we’ve discovered is this music is far better than the people that create it or those that produce it or even those of us that share it.  It has a Heavenly purpose, stepped up from the talent and skill of the people that deliver its message; sometimes it’s above a simple lyric or tune.  Worship, even in its lowest form, which this might be, is still a powerful tool chiseled by the Spirit of God.  Here’s why I make that statement.

I think God has built an optimism into the creation. Celebrating that optimism in song sustains optimism in us. No matter the amount of decay in our lives, a new shoot can come forward to bloom again, an infant tree appears, matures to bear fruit.  Over and over again we can see that patterned in the history of the Gospel.  Historically, this Word is seemingly always defeated and being passed off for dead.  Yet even today, a day of so much confusion and stress in our daily lives, the most obviously needed discussion that humans need to address continues to center on: is God dead or is God King of all.  For six thousand years we’re still debating that issue as though this was a brand new challenge.  It is not; this story has been repeated thousands of times over the history of mankind.

For my two cents’ worth, God, in His Wisdom, loaded this creation so that He wins, comes out on top, makes the final decision. I keep scratching my head trying to figure out, it’s crazy really, what makes humans applaud what seems like the best liars in our politics, the anti-heroes in our novels, movies and television.  What makes us so easily take innocent lives before birth, and defend that practice passionately.  What makes many so violent when they’re confronted by the foolishness of their arguments about taking those innocent lives.  Why does the creature hate Truth so much.  In spite of all that, God still overcomes evil with good, and even more importantly, the secular with the Spirit.  I’m relaxed about that, made up my mind about that.  Can’t be moved by what I see or hear about that.

As Katharina believed, professionals, maids, farmers, gardeners, mothers, fathers, all need ‘breaks’ of prayer, praise and instruction.  CCM plays a role in creating a perspective in a world that, left to its own, will debase rather than encourage.  There’s Wisdom in the 23 Proverb, ‘As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.’  What we think about, how we think about it, is of primary importance.  Left to the world’s default, the heart of man drives man to negative conclusions.  With hymns and psalms, the world steps to a different beat and comes to different, more positive conclusions.  Universally, our perception of what we see, hear and believe clouds our vision of any present or future.  We’re instructed, not so much as a suggestion but as a necessity, to think on these things: whatever is True, whatever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on these. (Phil. 4:8)  (I think the shortcut to doing that might be to simply think on Jesus Christ, He’s all those mentioned.)

Someday (it’s happened over and over before) we’ll again run out of things to substitute for the One thing that’s real, The Gospel.  I don’t know when, or how, or where, but I’m undoubting that that will happen.  Or, I guess we really will come to an End.  God has rigged the table, stacked the deck in His favor.  That’s a measure of His Love for His creation rather than a domination over the creation.  He just will not let go of us, will not retreat in spite of our rejection.  We’ll run our course and then at the end of that, He’ll appear to us again.  If not physically then He’ll appear again at least in Spirit and Truth as has been done so many times past.  Just as Israel did, who was companioned with Him for thousands of years, the world will come to its end and Christ will appear to reset the priorities once again.  Again, if not in an appearing, at least in a new and fresh revealing.  At least this much is true, according to Scripture, even the last falling away has a glorious end and a triumphant beginning of something new.  Not something where God is diminished or defeated, but where He is made obvious.  I believe that, in spite of our individual wins and losses, the big picture shows us a glorious future separated from this current stress.  He is a strong, dynamic God, excited about you, and He definitely  has not grown too old or tired to be triumphant in the world and in you.

While super important, it’s not only our study that enlightens us about the Father.   Much of the time our heart attitude helps build a place for the Spirit of God to grow, develop and enhance our coming to know Him.  So, I’m saying that to cut a bit of a niche for Contemporary Christian Music in the Church today.  It’s not perfect, as though anything ever is, but it helps set a tone for our daily walk with Christ in this world.  It can build an environment of fertile soil for the seed of God’s Word to grow.  So as Katharina would say, sing along, at the sink, in the car, at work!  Maybe you could even help us encourage that singing along by helping us financially during our next WBVN Celebration on Sept 27, 28 and 29th.  Thank you for 27 great years!

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