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May Newsletter: over 27 Years and here is the 326th Newsletter

Let’s Get Personal: 27 years X 12 months……

It’s post Celebration and let me say one more time, thank you to all the people that have supported and do support this ministry.  If there is such a thing as people being eternally grateful, that characterizes us about having you partner with us.  As I begin this letter I’m at my computer watching me type the letters and thinking about having written over 325 of these over the past 27 years.  As the words appear on my screen there’s a feeling of watching them appear involuntarily rather than on purpose.  Newsletters, for me, are one day events.  They begin with one thought and in some way I simply write something in front of that thought and then simply find my way out at the other end of the conversation.  Watching the words form on the screen, it’s very much like one word just naturally follows the last word.  I know it sounds weird but most of the time I’m discovering what comes next as it actually takes place, well just like right now.  I’ve said this before; the letters are a bit of discovery for me, getting to the end of the newsletter I can almost say, ‘I didn’t know I knew that.’  More on that later.

It’s funny to me in a way. My mother asked me one time if I bought my newsletters somewhere.  🙂  In my brain I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, mom, got that in aisle 34 at our local Walmart.  She was so cute asking that!  I mean, my own mom!  Well I wasn’t too surprised actually; she knows I struggled to write papers in college so why not assume these are Walmart kind of letters?  In reality they are born out of an honesty in my soul.  I don’t write the letters to express doctrine or to convince people of a particular persuasion, but write them only to show the inside of this ministry.  Everyone can hear the songs and programs that dress up the outside of WBVN.  But to peer inside, to see ‘how this clock ticks’, I slide back a curtain with these letters so that people can see behind the obvious into the not so obvious.  I’m not naturally like that very much.  At home I’m too quiet, too non-verbal much of the time.  Put me in a room with 12 people and I’ll usually be the one holding up the corner of the room.  When I’m gone I guess the kids will get a pretty good idea of what their dad was all about when they find all the stuff I’ve stuck away, books, pictures, articles etc, that I found valuable to me but hidden away most of the time.

I’m confessing all this just to say thank you for giving us a chance to sing out over the radio and letting me pour out my heart in these letters.  I’m suspicious whether they’re healing for those that read them, but at the very least they are healing for me to be able to express what’s on the inside.  When we started the station in January of 1990 our only hope was to encourage a Church that for the most part had been disheartened by national scandals associated with two huge ministries.  Wasn’t a pretty time to ask people to trust us with their money let alone their hearts.  But here we are 27 years into this ministry and our opportunity to encourage has been much more than we had ever imagined.  Not only the music and programming, but the opportunity to establish and work with CCM artists that have come to love being here and making this a day-home as they entertain and inspire us at the Marion Cultural and Civic Center.  I remember having read an author’s quote some time ago that went like this (I paraphrase), it’s not just the work we do but, even more importantly, much of our joy is found in the purpose of why we do it.  You see, nothing outweighs the simple trust you’ve given us by allowing us to be a part of your Christian experience.  I think being trusted, being comfortable with one another, creates an environment of mutual appreciation.  We certainly have had the joy of that at this ministry.

Well, I’m not writing all this to give you any new news, no ulterior motive other than to say thank you.  WBVN does not pretend to be anything other than a small expression of the Love of God toward you.  One voice in many voices.  I remember a conversation I had with a friend many years ago that went something like this: a young man (let’s give him the characteristic of being desperate) prepares to walk into, let’s call it a Huck’s for reference, to let’s simply say relieve that store of some of its cash. On the way in there’s a small child that dashes out in front of an oncoming car.  And, as most would do, that man risks his own life to save the child.  In doing so, something goes off in his heart.  Something clicks in his mind and that very act leaves him moved to tears and joy for having made a difference, having had a moment of meaning and seeing the smiles and excitement of family and people all round.   He simply walks away.  The desperate mind had been replaced with a tender-hearted moment.  I think in his case and in ours, helping, serving, making a difference is addictive.  The Wisdom of God knew that when He instructs in Malachi 3:10.  (Bring you all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in my house, and prove me now, says the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.)  I know how that’s usually taught but somehow I like to say it like this, the windows of Heaven will open and ‘I will pour you out! a blessing.  You see in some cases, a blessing is not always to be consumed.  Sometimes God pours us out and in doing so we are a part of His blessing to others.  He empties something in us and pours us out on others and covers them with blessing.  Many times our needs are met by the mere process of encouraging others. That’s what’s happened here over this radio station.  By encouraging, we have been encouraged.  By caring, we have been cared for.  By pouring out our hope we have been most hope-full.  By offering the Grace of God, we have received the Grace of God.  It’s as simple as the Wisdom found in Jesus teaching ‘in giving you will receive.’  That’s the simple order of God’s blessing, give first and what follows will be a great blessing not just to them but to you also….taste and see, the Lord is good.

Well, that’s our secret, that’s pulling the curtain back and exposing our secret for all to see.  Not totally, but in some simple way, WBVN is built on two small scriptures.  Firstly, Acts 4:20, ‘For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.’  That was given to us by someone the very first week of broadcast and it’s something that I have never forgotten.  And secondly, the Malachi verse above.  The first word comes from our heart from being made full day after day, year after year.  The second scripture comes from our confidence in the known Wisdom of God.

Back to the writing.  Put me down as someone that thinks we contain more knowledge of God in our hearts than we’re aware of in our heads.  For me, it’s like He’s buried Himself inside us and when we search down deep enough, organize the clutter enough, get our stinking thinking out of the way I believe we discover Him waiting to reveal Himself to us, having been there all along waiting on us.   That knowing is hidden much of the time as we hoard all the other things we place in our soul.  It’s interesting for me to watch, literally watch, this letter come out of no real plan for what I might write about this month.  When I sat down just now I only had one thought in mind: how can I share what, even to me, seems impossible, writing the 326th newsletter in this 27th year of WBVN.  Well, I just wrote on top of that thought, wrote after that thought and now all I have to do is finish.   Oh, and thank you again for making that possible.  There, done!

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