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Letters From Our Listeners – September 2011

Emails and Facebook Comments:

So my son Austin and I were listening to BVN on the way home from cub scouts last night and Third Day came on. I said, “I bet you will like this song, listen to the words.” As soon as Mack started singing, so did Austin. He knew every word to the song. Completely took me by surprise. Words in songs are very important when choosing a radio staion to listen to. Thank you for providing a ‘clean’ station to listen to. Jason

I listen to BVN on my way to and from work each morning-helps to keep my head and heart in the right place as I prepare for my day and as I’m ready to relax after my work is done. Thank you. Sherri

I moved to Marion just this past summer. From day one of listening to your radio station I have not turned it off! I enjoy listening to all of the music all the time! Since, my boyfriend and his twin have been saved at church and their family also never turns off the station. I listen all day long! I look forward to getting in the car to turn it on and as soon as I get home I turn it on inside too! Listening can turn my day around in an instant. I just made a pledge on your website and I am very happy to do so! Caitlyn

I always have 104.5 on in the car and never thought my 7 year old was listening until one day he was singing along to “My God Is an Awesome God” that’s when my heart melted & I realized I influence him just by picking the radio station. WOW. Your ministry is special to me. I appreciate all you guys do. I also love the concerts (is like church every time). Thanks Billie-Jo

Ur station is and has been a blessing to our family. In 1990 my husband and I and our son first turned our lives over to God’s direction. I turned on the radio the 1st day of ur broadcast and found the music that went with our new walk in life. So every year when u celebrate we celebrate another year living for God! Thanks to all at WBVN for caring! Also we r blessed to have a radio station that reaches out to everyone and gives families a wonderful night out to enjoy the music one on one with the concerts u set up. We not only hear the music on ur station but get to meet the ones making it. Thanks again WBVN!!! Debra

I remember when WBVN first hit the air. I also remember all the nay-sayers prediciting its failure. Turns out they were horribly wrong, and I thank God for that. I can’t imagine life in Southern Illinois without you. Keep up the ministry. We need you! Duane

Helps me get through my struggles-the songs help me the word u guys say on air-just amazing how God has worked through you guys and also bringing in so many amazing singers that love coming here and we love having. Keep up God’s work. Heather

I just want to thank you for all the wonderful uplifting music you play and what a blessing your station is to me and my family. I listen on my way to work at a prison everyday, and it just prepares me for whatever I have to face that day. Thank you again and may God continue to bless this station. Tami

WBVN has been a blessing to me and a source of encouragement. I have laughed and cried with the guests on Focus on the Family. I sing with the artist whether I’m at work, driving in the car or listening at home. I raised my children up listening to WBVN. It brings joy to my heart to now hear my grandchildren singing along with my favorites as I listen to BVN. God has used WBVN to touch so many lives. I love going to the concerts and really hate to miss any. Mark Schultz will always hold a special place in my heart, because he is the first artist my husband told me to call and get tickets for (when the Civic Center re-opened). I had tried to get him to go before and he showed no interest. Now he is just as excited as I am about the concerts! I am honored to be able to help WBVN spread the good news over the airways by renewing my monthly pledge. Thank you for your vision and your perserverance. God Bless you all 🙂 We send our love and prayers. Deb

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