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February Newsletter-Vision

When questioned by his mother what he learned in Sunday School, eight-year-old Justin answered, ‘We learned about when God sent Moses behind the enemy lines to rescue the Israelites from the Egyptians.  The teacher said that when they came to the Red Sea, Moses called for the engineers to build a pontoon bridge and they all barely got across it in time, because the Egyptians were right behind them, coming in tanks and Moses radioed headquarters on the walkie-talkie to send bombers to blow up the bridge and they did and all the Egyptians were stuck and that’s how Moses saved the Israelites.’  The mother asked, ‘Justin, is that really the way the teacher told the story?’  Justin confessed, ‘Well, not exactly, but if I told it in her way, you’d never believe it.’

At this time or perhaps for all time, that’s exactly where we are at in this world.  When we tell our Story of Christ, I sometimes think it’s just too much for the world to take in.  Actually, it may be too much for some in the church to absorb as well.  For sure, when pausing to analyze our Story in the big picture, very simply, it can be a wild ride trying to explain His Truths.  But then, that’s exactly the kind of story we have and it’s exactly the Story we must share.  Taking the edges off it a bit like Justin tried to do, sounds like a good idea, but anything short of the full-out Truth only makes our position more unstable.  Ours isn’t a logical Story, not even a believable Story in so many ways; we’re really left with a Faith Story.  A profound Story, a Story with rough edges that can irritate at times and confuses us other times.  It’s a Story that not only ‘puts-off’ much of the world but also has divided its own Church into hundreds of varied denominations.

That said, I’d like to funnel down this month’s letter to the simple conversation of Proverbs 29:18.  It’s often used as an illustration for spiritual gifting, but I’d like to look at the other side of the coin.  It’s a side of that coin that I’ve found to be very important in our Jesus Life experience.  I do believe that all teaching is incomplete.  No one has a corner on everything true about the Gospel.  However, this side of the coin is for sure only part of our Story, but I think an important part, that can be added to other parts of our Story as well.  Any one teaching is always subject to the addition of other concepts to create the ‘whole’.  I’m a firm believer in the wisdom of Isaiah (I’ll paraphrase): the Gospel is line upon line and precept upon precept, here a little and there a little.

Now, much of the world’s culture is violently opposed to any suggestion that Christ was, well, Christ.  Oh, some of the world culture will permit us to call him a great seer, perhaps a profound teacher or wise philosopher, but when we tell the Story in Jason’s teacher’s way, just like Jason said, most will never believe it.  Being The Way, The Truth and The Life is a bit much for many, and yet our Story must be told in that exact fashion to be real.  Not only told in that profound Truth, but our Story must also have that Proverbs vision of Christ.  Why’s that so important on my important list?  For this: Proverbs 29:18 teaches us that without a vision His people perish.  It’s not simply just a vision for some future career or event, this vision is a ‘Wisdom’ statement by the Spirit of God that holds a much bigger, powerful role.  My concern is not that we lack imagination about our careers or future ministry roles, my concern is that we have a vision of Christ that comes up short on seeing Christ for Who He really is and what He has done.  Sometimes we kind of tell it like Jason did his story.  Only the Spirit of God can turn on the Light to the Truth.  Simply, without that Vision of the hugeness of what Christ did, why He did it and how He did it, people will perish.  In a big picture sense, a lack of that Vision pertains to all people, not just His people, but all people.  If His people perish without this Vision, surely those outside that group face a similar fate.

For sure, in the Proverb, the emphasis on the word ‘without’ is appropriate.  Looking up the meaning of that word in the original text, it could not be more emphatic: no, none, never, neither, nor, not, nothing.  Maybe a good New Testament substitute would be to say ‘guaranteed to fail’.  So in some sense of the text, without a Vision there is a guarantee to perish.  I’m pretty comfortable with that, well not really comfortable because that’s scary stuff, but comfortable in that it pretty well describes the necessity of the whole Story’s Vision of who Christ is, what He has done.

Now let’s take a look at 1Cor. 15:52.  We generally apply that particular scripture to the returning Christ; for in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, we will be changed.  Now, what’s true about that scripture and His Coming can also, I think, be true about each and every time we see Him for who He really is and each time we see Him in His fullness.  Anytime we add line upon line and see a new Gospel Truth.  That’s the profound nature of what we call the new birth or, for that matter, any manifestation of the Spirit of God.  In those moments we’re left different, we’re not the same, but new, unlike what we were before.  That can happen multiple times in our lives.  When we see Him for who He really is, all that He’s done, it’s a new Vision of the Freedom, Love, Joy Christ’s Life made for us.  Paul and the other New Testament writers were drawing a picture a brush stroke at a time, here a little color and there a little color, ending in a portrait of Christ.  They wrote as a ‘committee’ in order to enable us to see that Vision of Christ.

Without a Vision of the Messiah, the New Testament Christ, and the bigness of what He has done– without that, His people will perish.  That perishing is not a legal sentence placed on us as discipline, it’s a statement of Wisdom placed on us in His Love.  The Spirit alarming and alerting us to ‘see Him’ for all that He is, given so that we might flourish.  Every time we catch a new Vision of Him we step nearer to fullness of our Story.  We need to see a Vision of His Vision, the Vision He had before the foundation of the world.  His Vision of all He has done, His Vision of the cost, His Vision of the finished work of Christ.  How important is that perspective?  Do you remember the conversation between Peter and Christ found in Mark 8?  On the road to Caesarea Philippi Jesus asked, ‘Whom do you say that I am?’  Peter responded that some call you a prophet (Elias), some a revelator (John the Baptist).  Jesus again asked, ‘But! Peter whom do you say I am?’  (I’ll jump into the conversation here enough to interpret it a bit.) I imagine Jesus saying: Never mind what the world says or others around you say!  The significance of my question to you is who YOU say I am.  What was Peter’s vision of Christ.  That’s what empowers and impacts the results of what we experience in the Christian Life.  Something had to be significant and important for Christ to draw that subtle difference in Peter’s answer.

I know it’s a weird thing to say, but let me get away with just a little weirdness.  Jesus came and opened up the heart of the Father and Spirit right in front of our eyes specifically to reveal God, to make an undisputed declaration of Him and expose to people that Vision of Him for all to see.  Christ did that for the exact purpose of showing us, manifesting to us, the God we are to see and know.  Jesus had that final say about God in order that we might be changed in a moment’s time.  His is the final word on the nature and character of his Father through His Vision of His Father.  Those that come to know that will not perish but, according to John 3:16, not only have an eternal life in our future but an everlasting life full of His Spirit from that singular moment of acceptance forward.  And, although a bit unbelievable in its truest form, that’s the amazing Story Justin and we are to tell.  We might even put it like this: no one in their right mind would have made up such a story, would ever have even dreamed of this kind of story.  That God would send a Son, that that Son would live and die as a man, that He would rise from the dead and that the Spirit of God would  move into people’s hearts and lives, walk and talk to them– now some will say that’s a whopper.  But, as hard as it is to believe, that’s our Story to share, and we’re gonna have to stick to it.

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