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December Newletter-Birth

It’s Christmas on the radio. This is our thirtieth Christmas on the radio at WBVN. It’s been interesting to me to go back and hear some of the early songs and programs and think about how much of a role they’ve played in the past and the role they continue to play now and what role they may play in the future. I just finished playing a song on the air that we started rotating back in our first year, 1990. Actually, I just pulled it to play because it perfectly timed out the programming so that when it ended Dr. Dobson could begin at its assigned time. Maybe it was just that simple, or maybe it was more important than that. You see, we’ve played thousands of songs since those early days. It’s always been interesting how a message given in music thirty years ago can still bury itself in our hearts all those years later, still be so relevant today. Take just a minute and read the lyric to David Mullen’s song ‘Hang My Head and Cry’. (cd: Revival, 1989)

I make my money, I take my pay
No time for family, no time to pray
And it comes as no big wonder that I’m suffering defeat…

I’m gonna hang my head and cry
For the times I’ve lived a lie
And cry, Father, forgive me
For I know just what I do

I take offense at the world (but I) take no stand
One man against the tide can never heal this land
Meanwhile liberty’s been wounded and justice is abused

I’m gonna hang my head and cry
For the part I’ve played in the lie
And cry, Father, forgive me
For I know just what I do

It’s time to put away the things of a child
‘Cause for too long I’ve neglected the things that are worthwhile
In my heart, my home, my world
Shape me with Your hands
Lord, make this boy Your man

Want more from livin’ than just living for today
Want more from sacrifice than just tithing to a plate
Wanna be more than healthy
More than wealthy or just wise
I wanna see the hunger in the third world’s eyes
And not write it off and wrap it up
In Christian talk and guise
Don’t let me become the man that I say that I despise
I wanna hang my head and cry

They call that a ‘golden oldie’ but I think it may just be golden. As we come to the end of 2019, I’m reminded of the thousands of messages we’ve shared for all the years and have plans to continue sharing as long as we possibly can. As we have the pleasure of celebrating our thirtieth Christmas I’m reminded of the privilege of having shared the same message the angels shouted at the birth of Christ, peace on earth, goodwill toward men. And, while scholars debate on the actual date of His birth, December 25th brings with it a Hallelujah sufficient for all time no matter what day we have chosen to celebrate His birth. It’s interesting to think about the actual day of Christ’s birth. Because shepherds and sheep are associated with it, we know the logical time would be a Bethlehem spring because that’s when the normal ‘lambing’ would be taking place and the shepherds would be guarding their sheep. By looking back at the ancient census schedules, and knowing Joseph and Mary (with child) were traveling to register for the census, most biblical historians place the actual year of Christ’s birth between 4 and 1 BC. Herod died between 4 and 1 BC and his declaration to kill all two years olds had to come very close to his own historical death date. Plus, the census was never taken during the harsh weather of winter time. That points us to more of a spring or summer event. Also interesting is the fact that the planets, Venus and Jupiter, lined up in the night sky in 2 BC, causing some people to point out that alignment was likely to have been the bright star that guided the wise men. Lastly, the Jewish New Year begins in spring (March-April) not in January, likely Christ birth coincided with the new life of Spring.

So, if December 25th is it for you, great and let’s celebrate! If you like a little mystery to the actual date of Christ’s birth, have at it. It really doesn’t matter so much as long as we celebrate the one birth that actually changed the way we date history (BC/AD) and changes our world one life at a time.

Another interesting thing about Christ’s birth is that He had a birth at all. I’m sure an angel could have helicoptered Him in undercover of some starless night, but no– human birth was the vehicle for delivering the Savior of the world. After 3 years teaching, that angel could just as easily have picked Him up in the same manner. But, no, there was teaching even in the event of His birth. (You know there’s a story there for me to bring that up don’t you? Well I don’t have room to tell it here, and anyway it’s a story that I would have to swipe from one Zola Levitt and his teaching ‘For Unto Us’. Search it.) Let me condense it to just a few thoughts. Zola, a Messianic Jew, uses the 8 festivals of the Jewish tradition to teach about the wonder of human birth, every human birth, and how the pattern of the human gestation is in sync with the 8 festivals: Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement, Tabernacles and Chanukah. Zola teaches each through the eyes of a physician in this order: Egg, fertilization, implantation, new creature, hearing, blood, lungs, and birth. A short example, Unleavened Bread must be within 24 hours of Passover (fertilization takes place within 24 hours). First Fruits must take place within 7 days of Passover; implantation in the mother’s womb must be accomplished with in that same time span. Jumping to birth date, Chanukah, a celebration of new beginnings, comes exactly 280 days after Passover or approximately 9 months. It’s interesting to follow the festival scripted dates and the maturity scheduled dates of childbirth. It will take you every bit of 29 minutes to get the details and his video is much more interesting than if I were to attempt to type it.

I’ll close with the way most people close letters this time of year, Merry Christmas to you all. Merry Christmas to you in every possible way to celebrate the importance of that birth. As David Mullen says in his lyric, I want more from living than just living for today. I want more from sacrifice than just tithing to a plate. I want to be more than healthy, more that wealthy or wise. I want to see hunger in the third world’s eye and not just write it off in Christian talk and guise. I don’t want to become the man I say I despise. I hang my head in compassion, I want to experience the depth of feeling and knowing and seeing the world as Christ sees and experiences it. All of those wishes are only available because of the birth of our Christ we celebrate this December 25th. Blessing!

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