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Monthly Archives: August 2013

August Newsletter-Reality

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Hello, is this the complaint department?

Yes it is.

I have a few ‘things’ you know, things I’d like to talk to you about, so here goes!

Reality TV has chased all of us for the past few years.  It’s survival, maybe a talent contest, got that bachelor thing going, and maybe you have lived with the Osbournes or got caught up with John and Kate plus 8 somewhere in reality. It has captured our creativity and imagination.  Discovery Channel recently reached a new low with a new show that I’ll just leave the subject and title unsaid.  Seems to me all this reality stuff bears very little resemblance to reality at all (at least not reality as it can be if we choose a different one).  We have just put too much of what the promoters call reality in the movies, too much reality language on the radio, too many exaggerations in the market place in order to ‘simulate reality’ that simply attracts our attention and desire for a darker life than the one available in most of our daily lives.  That’s their excuse for it though, ‘show us reality!’ … right!  Here’s my take on reality: Comparing the reality that the world wants us to believe in and the Reality of God is like comparing a script from All My Children with Shakespeare’s King Lear.   Please!  The foolish have declared themselves to be wise!  The chief protectors of our daily lives, the Presidents, the Congresses and the Supreme Court have all just slick out greased the slide from true Reality to man’s soulish reality.  Illusionists have nothing on this bunch.  Sleight of hand reigns supreme, promising us freedom, peace and comfort with one hand and delivering just the opposite with the other.  We live in a time of ‘man reality’ taking hold and declaring itself king of justice, king of tolerance and proclaiming an extraordinary walking away from Reality, establishing their unique fleshly wisdom replacing the Wisdom and the Grace of God.

Well, thanks for listening, just wanted to vent a bit.  Have a nice day.

Yep! I’m fed up, had it to the gills.  Here is Reality:  God is Lord and Jesus is an expression of the Wisdom and the Way to live a successful Life.  I think we’ve come to a point in American and World History where we’ll now suffer even more unwelcome consequences for the choices we’ve made in the name of man-wisdom over the past 40 years.  The fields are white with harvest.  What we have abandoned and sent packing of God’s Love over those years has now has matured and come to full seed.  What we are experiencing is the fullness of a full crop of lies we’ve watered, hoed, fertilized and tenderly tended for a generation.

‘…they knew God, but did not glorify Him, neither were they thankful, but being vain in their imaginations and foolish, their hearts were darkened.  Professing themselves to be wise they became fools and changed their God into an image make like to man and images.  God gave them up to uncleanness (defiled physically) though the lusts of their own hearts…changing the Truth into a Lie, worshipping and serving the creature more than the Creator…’ You can read the rest in Romans 1:26-32, and you should.

Now that that’s off my chest, let me say what I consider the most important part of his letter.  We are right in the middle of being in the very best time to experience this Gospel.

We get to experience the message of God, if we choose, with an increased intensity because so much is just so wrong in  our world.  If we know the Truth and its Reality, we are settled in our hearts.  We  will have no need to over shout the people next to us; we can simply live this  Message with a calm, confident expression.  We can, in this environment,  experience a time characterized by being able to Trust the most, Hope the most,  Pray the most and find a Peace that passes understanding.  Each of us will be  called on to deeply embrace the Love of God and the Word of His Power or lose  our identity in this Anti-Christ atmosphere.  Each will be required by the moment  to find our own place in the Gospel of Christ.  That is a necessary and good thing.    To discover where we are at in this Faith is a valuable revelation of our hearts.    Here’s the time to find a personal relationship, discover the Love of God in an  intimate and unique way.  God is our best Friend but we’ve not learned that to the  max in a personal and partnership way that this moment in time initiates.

There can be no games in the middle of this.  It’s flat out Faith to Trust.  Mouth service will not make it this time.  We’ll have to get up in the morning expecting God to be present in our day and go to bed expecting God to be with us even when the news, the culture, the politicians tell us something much different.  That kind of life is attainable or God would have never promised to be with us even until the end of the world.  Emmanuel is His name and is indicative of His character: God with us!  It’s possible because Emmanuel was asleep, lying on a pillow in a small wooden boat, in the middle of a violent storm.  That may be a picture of our lives as we enter into the future.  Can we do that, can we expect that?  I really believe we can by discovering more of who He is and what He teaches us to do in storms.

Jane and I have experienced a significant amount of trouble the past few years, enough to be disappointed and frustrated, but we have also had more assurance in our hearts, more awareness of the presence of God in our lives.  There has been more appearings of His Grace than at any other time in our life.  We may not feel like it, it may not look like it, but we will know in our inner most being that it’s true and all the world is a liar that opposes it.

Have to get to where we see God in the sunsets, thunderstorms.  See Him in our crisis and in our leisure.  See Him in the cross on our face and our body shape in a cross.  Know Him in the darkness as well as the daylight.  Take Him with us on vacation, to Walmart, to the game.  Just know He is in the middle of our lives no matter what the circumstances are.  To know Him, know how He thinks, what He thinks and grow more and more confident that, as Abraham discovered, we are a Friend of God.  Love- and He is that- casts out fear.  It was the dream of God before the foundation of the world that you would discover that confidence in Christ Jesus and be reconciled.  Changing our hearts to that simple fact transforms us from fear to faith, from being overwhelmed to overcoming this present darkness.  Get ready, this will be tough, but He has come to be our remedy for all man’s reality with a Reality of His own.