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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Newsong’s Very Merry Christmas Tour

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Newsong’s Very Merry Christmas Tour

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This Baby

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Well, He cried when He was hungry, did all the things that babies do;

He rocked and He napped on His mother’s lap, and He wiggled and giggled and cooed.

There were the cheers when He took His first step, and the tears when He got His first teeth;

Almost everything about this little baby seemed as natural as it could be.

But this baby made the angels sing, and this baby made a new star shine in the sky.

This baby had come to change the world, this baby was God’s own son, this baby was like no other one.

This baby was God with us, this baby was Jesus.

And this baby grew into a young boy who learned to read and write and wrestle with dad;

There was the climbin’ of trees and the scrapin’ of knees, and all fun that a boy’s born to have.

He grew taller and some things started changing, like His complexion and the sound of His voice;

There was work to be done as a carpenter’s son and all the neighbors said He’s such a fine boy.

And love made Him laugh and death made Him cry. With the life that He lived and the death that He died

He showed us heaven with His hands and His heart, ‘cause this man was God’s own son.

This man was like no other one, Holy and human right from the start.

….Steven Curtis Chapman

If we can I’d like to slow it down a bit. Even on one of our regular, slow, common, lazy days we seem so busy in our minds. We think about the things we’ve done, the things we are doing and much of the time already into tomorrow’s obligations and expectations. As believers, some of the things we just say and take for granted, if we would just stop and think about them, are so profound– they are in need of being thought about for awhile and dissected layer by layer. Lately, in fact much of the time, that happens when I read just a couple scriptures and find myself putting much more thought into them. God has such a terrific way of saying so much with so little. A scripture that always caught my attention for that very reason is: Jesus wept. Really! How is that possible, he knew the beginning and the end. He understood all things. The Spirit of God housed in this person created the whole world out of His breath, and yet Christ, the Creator, wept with the loving emotions of the created. Another scripture that always stopped me cold was when Jesus walked out of the tomb and told Mary: Go and tell Peter! Those were the first words he said. Imagine, Jesus at that very moment accomplishing what must be accomplished from the foundation of the world, and he responds to that intense, triumphant moment by concerning himself with the broken heart of Peter.

We’ve been doing this ministry at WBVN for 20 years now. During the Christmas season, I’m always reminded of how much the Spirit of God has proven Himself to us, shown Himself to us so many times. I’m also aware of the contributors to this ministry that have provided the opportunity for us to stay here and the opportunity for Him to work through the ministry here. Our listeners’ generosity is only rivaled by the great Grace and the provision of God to WBVN.

At this radio station, we’re doing what we believe Scripture encourages us to do, ‘teach one another with the music of psalms and hymns’. Now, for the 20th time we celebrate the Christmas season. In some way, it’s Christmas all year long through this ministry. The reason I say that is our concentration and focus has, from the beginning in 1990, been on ‘that baby’. We can, if we slow down our thoughts, actually imagine the amazing truth that the Savior of the world ‘wiggled and giggled and cooed’. That this baby did nothing because of who he was, but rather, did everything because of what he was. It would not be profound if a god (The God) did the miraculous, but what if this baby, under the hand of God, performed the profound. Would it even be a miracle if a god did the impossible, or would it be more of a miracle if this baby, under the anointing of God, if this baby did what he only saw the Father doing. What if that were true? Now, that would be more than we might ever imagine. This baby, this one single life that separated (emptied) himself of all deity. Slow that down, think about the possibility that this baby would be able to take 12 men and change the world, would be the center of contention even today. Imagine the significance of that. This baby, who chose the isolation of giving up the godly power that was his, for the weakness and pain of humanity. He could have called 10,000 angels but simply isolated himself from the Word of His Power and humbled himself to come in the likeness of man, and simply said follow me. Well, millions, perhaps billions have done just that.

And, he did that in an extraordinary way. He did not raise his voice in the streets to declare a kingship, though he was King. He did not draw attention to being the Son of Man, actually only confirming that men called him that. Of himself, he said he did not do the very works that were evident but pointed rather to the Father working through him. Slow it down to a very slow thought. This baby whimpered when he was hungry, cut teeth, scraped his knees, and this baby made the angels sing. With this baby, love made him laugh and death made him cry.

I sometimes think we try too hard to find the profound and in doing so overlook the wonderful right before our eyes. There is so much to be in awe of without chasing thousands of details. I’m pretty un-demanding about Faith. I like to simplify the Gospel into small bites, easy to swallow that way. I prefer the uncomplicated to the complicated. This baby’s story is in some ways enough to fill any of our cups to overflowing with reason to believe. The simple story of Christ is so ‘wow’ that I’m amazed how we can find so many things to divide us, waste our time on and overlook the wonderful things we can agree on and be amazed about.

As we celebrate this season, this past year, and look to the New Year, we want to be sure and acknowledge His presence and your help. Thank you for 20 years. We stand amazed at His story and the kindness you have shown to this ministry…..Blessings and Merry Christmas!