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Monthly Archives: November 2005

Anchor our Soul

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We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure
(Hebrews 6:19)

Do the ‘worries of this world’ seem to constantly discourage you? Feel like your responsible for a great weight that’s just too heavy to lift and yet your suppose to carry it? Feel “breathless” from having to push ever thing ‘up hill’? I think sometimes we all feel that way. According to Scripture, this world is a tough place for the just and the unjust. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to eliminate all the “weights” of this life. But knowing that, I’m still encouraged. Why? Simply, because I’ve learned that we can depend on God to do the ‘lifting.’

This world’s a mess and we can’t fix everything that’s wrong with it. We can’t take away everything that puts pressure on us. The Bible says it’s a world that’s upside down, a fallen world. We’re all little alien creatures crawling around in it. Well that might be an exaggeration, but I do know this ‘present darkness’ can’t be made perfect without the total and complete intervention of God! Now we can cry, whine, faint, scream and be frustrated, but because we have the presence of the Spirit of God among us and the expectation of Christ coming, we do not grow weary.

When will that happen? Well, I can’t give you the day and time. But God will do it, and while we “tip-toe” our way through this ‘mine field’ called life, some day the road will be made straight and the mountains and the valleys will yield their ‘labor’ to Christ’s return. How do I know that? Well, in Scripture, God consistently ‘created’ something new out of something old. He isn’t coming back to just repair this earth; He’s coming to “re-construct” this earth. That will not be the first time. There’s some consensus that we’re a part of a “Creation” that was made from an old creation described in Genesis 1:1. In chapter 3 of 2Peter, the author speaks of a ‘Pre-Adamite’ world, a world that had been completely and utterly destroyed by water covering the earth. (Gen. 1:2, Ps. 105:5-9, 2Pet. 3:4-6) (evidenced by the fossil records) “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” it was the “world that then was” mentioned in Peter’s writings. The text clearly shows that the original creation “became” void and in ruin. (Isa. 14: 12-14, Jer. 4:23-26) (Ezek. 28:11-17 provides a ‘history’ for Lucifer’s kingdom on earth before the days of Adam) Apparently, Lucifer ruled that world, having been placed here in his “perfect state.”(Ezek: 28-11-17) But as ‘satans’ do, he destroyed that creation of God.

In “the world that is,” God took the “matter” of that first creation and “reassembled” it into the ‘cosmos’ we live in now! [Adam was asked to “replenish the earth” implying that it had to have been “plenished” prior to Adam.] The “material” of that first heaven and earth had become empty, waste, desolate and “void.” It supported no life, maintained no light. In an act of God, Elohim “Moved” on the earth and “Spoke” into the earth and a ‘re-ordered’ heaven and earth resulted. That’s our present world, the one you and I have to deal with each day.

God has never created anything that was not perfect! But, for some reason (probably the angelic rebellion when a third of the angelic opposed God) the first creation lay in ruin. In our Creation, man who was created “upright” (Eccl 7:29) also fell from a perfect state with God because of the influence of that same Lucifer. Man became dead and darkened (Eph 4:18). In the first creation, the entrance of “light” shone on the ruin and a re-constructed heaven and earth was made. (The original language suggests that God created the present heaven and earth, not from nothing, but from something that was already present. Similarly, in our covenant, man – with the entrance of “light”- is recreated into a new creature. That’s the nature of God. Taking old stuff and making it new, but new in every way! This new creature is what we are if we have accepted Christ; we are still walking around in old material but we are a new creation! We’re not the same creature any more.)

Some day, this earth will change. This old stuff will be ‘reorganized’ by the Spirit of God. A new Heaven and Earth will be made. We’re not going to change this old place and make it into a new place. We live in a ‘rebellion zone’ and it will have to be completely changed by The Father. God will literally enter the picture again and this old creation will give way to a new one. According to Revelation, there will be no more sea, no tears and fears, no worry, no death, no pain or disease, no more curse, no night, no need for a candle, no sun… “Behold”, God will make all things new. (Rev. 21 and 22) The entrance of Christ will shine on this “ruin” and nothing will be the same as it is now.

The Word came unto Jeremiah saying, ” Go to the potter’s house…” There Jeremiah sees the potter make a vessel on the wheel but the vessel was marred and, as seemed good to the potter, he made another. This is Jehovah, speaking and teaching that His way is not to repair or mend the vessel that’s become marred but to make an end to it. He makes a new thing in its place. When a vessel was marred it was not thrown away, the clay was crushed and returned to the wheel and the work began again. In that case, God would not mend the “marred” nation of Israel, but would make a new nation in which He would put a new Spirit and write His law on their hearts.

Today the whole world groans and travails for this new creation, a new heaven and earth. Scripture speaks of a time that would have so much pressure that should He not return “their hearts would fail them”. Just as man, dead and darkened, awaits God’s hand, so does this present ‘cosmos’. Man is marred and alienated from the Life of God. But God will not fix or reform him; He will “re-create” him. He will make man a glorious body and place him in a glorious place. When the Kings failed, God inserted “The” King. The old Covenant was weak and satisfied no Holy God. It was not faultless (Heb. 10:1-23) and God did not amend it. He did away with the old and made a completely new Covenant.

We can improve our education system, we can develop the arts, and we can spend lots of money on government programs and on ourselves. We can make many political promises, we can discover and solve medical mysteries but the marred things of this creation will not “cut the mustard” for God. We can work hard to change the existing minds of men and streamline the organizations of our cultures but it will take the entrance of Christ to shine on this ‘ruin’ to change the present order to a perfect future. We’re to stand, to resist, we’re to hold on, but we will never be able to take away the “faults” found in this marred world. But God’s third creation will be found perfect.

I think we’re standing at the threshold of seeing a house “not made with hands”, a dwelling place populating a new heaven and earth. A moment when the earthly will become glorious. Someday a new thing will come out of this old thing! Because of Christ, the weight of this creation is bearable, but unavoidable just the same. Nations fight, people build on the coast, earthquakes take homes and lives, sickness is to be overcome but has not disappeared, one sickness may be conquered only for another to be found. In this creation we will see trouble but our hearts are to have visions for the future time when God will move on the darkness and deadness and make a new place in the standing of this old place. That will happen, not because we finally accomplished it, not because we over-powered it. In fact, it will never come by our might — but only by His Spirit! A Scott Krippayne song lyric comes to mind, ” No matter how the driving rain beats down on those who hold the faith. A heart of trust will always be a quiet peaceful place.” We are able to Rest here. We can find Peace here in this mess. Not because we’ve changed everything in this life to our way, but because Christ offers a Peace that passes this world’s troubles and a promise to ‘shine’ into the next.