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October Newsletter-High Priest

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‘For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groaning too deep for words…the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the Will of God… ‘(Romans 8: 26-27)

Look, don’t get me wrong.  Jane and I don’t want to draw too much attention to what she’s been through during the health crisis this year.  I mean, there’s a place where the conversation needs to change and we ‘just get on with it’.  I promise, we will soon!  But each time I want to change the subject, I remember another thing we wanted to share with you.  Neither of us would ever try to conform the Gospel to our experiences, (that’s to say, we do not think that the Gospel should be explained by our experiences), because we believe the Gospel is what it is in spite of our experiences.  Teaching the Gospel from what happens to me or Jane would be very dangerous, believe me!  However, let me say just a couple more things.

It’s a long way from March 21st until now for Jane.  She’s been through total paralysis, lost all control of her normal functions, had every system controlled by her nervous system fail.  Could not communicate, although we did have an ‘alphabet sheet’ that let us point to letters and she could spell her thoughts with slight eye movement.  Of course, being a male, I had to write down each letter because after two letters, while getting the third, I could not remember the first two!  That frustrated her so we did not use that ‘alphabet sheet’ very much.  At one time Jane had 5 tubes in her mouth and down her throat but we could still make out that she had some movement going on with her lips.  Much of the time it seemed like she was talking to herself.  Only after she regained the ability to talk did I realize that some of the time that had to do with worship going on inside her.  She tells, and only Jane can tell you, about the times she was hearing worship music in her ear.  I’ll go so far as to say that she said it was only in her right ear and it was able to be ‘turned off and on like WBVN’ (her term).  That story is interesting and we will go on the radio someday soon and let her share that with you.

During the deepest terror there were times when I would ask Jane if she was ok, not physically but spiritually.  She always affirmed that she was still ‘intact’ in her heart even if not in her body.  I kept telling her, even when all she could do was listen and not respond, ‘remember who you are (in Christ) and what we believe.’  Sometimes, I would have understood if she had wavered a bit on that.  I saw so many things I hope I never see again, and so much of what she went through was painful, terrible and horribly humiliating.  But, she did hold it together (much better than her husband would have been able to do had he had to go through the same things).  Something occurred to me during those experiences, two somethings really.  First, true Worship and our worship can be two different things.  Some worship we lead.  We go to someplace and join others or we simply decide in our homes or car to ‘sing unto the Lord’.  However, some Worship is not us at all.  The first kind, people take pleasure in.  In it, we sometimes think we do it for God, as though He needed our worship to keep His head straight (weird thought really).  The second, we participate in union with Christ, participate in His priestly function as the Mediator between men and women and God the Father.  Hebrews 8: 1-2 says, the one true minister (Christ) of the sanctuary (our hearts) lives there, resides inside us.  This same Minister makes intercession for us.  The Spirit of Christ is active in us.  Faith for us includes a Christ who died for us but also a Christ who lives in our hearts.  A Christ that substituted Himself for us because of Sin, and a Christ that adopts us into an active family of God in an intimate relationship.  At times, such as Jane’s experience, her awareness of that second kind of Worship was extreme.  She was not making worship but receiving Worship.  She was not taking pleasure in her expression of faith, but she became the blessed object of Christ’s own Worship Team!  She will have to explain that statement in full later, but I think that’s pretty close.

We all think we can solve the world’s problem by choosing to live right.  Or, we suppose if we could just change the economic condition of America, if we could just get the economic structure of the society right, everything would be ‘jolly good’.  That is, we could produce ‘community/relationship in people’ just by making necessary changes to the structure of the country, or the world for that matter. If we did that we could produce that utopia that many have speculated about through history.  But truly, community and relationship only comes from a Love that is produced and originates from Christ.  The world’s, the country’s, the individual’s mistake is that we believe we could ever produce that kind of environment apart from the Love of God.

Relationship with Christ includes both hearing God’s call to us and His call on us.  That leads to hearing His breath and following His leadership.  That kind of relationship produces participation with God the Father and His Spirit.  Only knowing about God, does not bring the fullness of Faith.  Actively participating with His heart, having accepted Him as God, following Him as Lord for us and for others, yields a more complete ‘experience’ of Christ and God’s fuller purposes for our lives.  It is twofold to appreciate the Fullness of Christ, having come to know Him and secondly to actively follow His everyday mingling in our lives.

I believe Jane heard Worship.  Worship originating in Christ and toward her.  She says that she could not tell if the Worship was from the angels or from the gathering of people that were praying for her.  I can’t explain all that Jane has to say about that.  Her words are the living words of experience.  Charlie Peacock said it best in his song:  (I’ll paraphrase) ‘you can only possess what you experience, Truth to be understood must be lived’.  This Worship was not from Jane to God but from Christ to Jane.  This was a long experience.  She believes it actually began the Sunday before the admittance into the hospital.  It was kind of a preparation for the coming months if you will.  God is that real.  We are promised: as much as we can decrease He will increase in our lives.  For three long months, Jane had nothing but paralysis and pain.  Oh, and one other Thing, the presence of the Worship of God in her right ear……

‘For we have such a High Priest, who is set on the right hand of the throne of the Majesty of the heavens; a minister (Grk: leitourgos – a public servant who carries on the business of the whole human race with God pertaining with redemption and destiny) of the sanctuary and the true tabernacle (habitation: us) which the Lord pitched and not man.’

Matthew West/MIKESCHAIR/Lindsay McCaul/Everfound

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September Newsletter-Anger

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It’s been quite a ride.  First, Jane has a very severe form of Guillain Barre Syndrome.  Next, one of our best friend’s father passed away.  Add to that, a couple of our friends are in the middle of family issues that divide them from other family members.  Jane said, while in one of those ‘feeling overwhelmed moments’, (people go through that who have been paralyzed and cooped up in bed for 4 months), there’s so much that’s not fair about life right now.  I told her that over every door in the Herrin Hospital you could hang a sign that says not right, not logical, not expected, and not fair.  With what Jane has gone through, what each of our friends have had to face over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed one common denominator: no anger.  For them to have that kind of response to so much trouble, those people have had to be changed in their hearts.  When you’re under so much pressure, you can’t fake ‘peace, calmness’ so easily.  Around our house we say you can find out what people are on the inside when you bump their cup.  That’s when stuff comes out that has not come out before.  Bumping not only exposes us to others but, if we are aware enough, we learn a bit about ourselves as well.

I just read a news article about how we might have discovered that long-sought after Higgs Boson/God Particle thing, whatever that is.  I think finding it is supposed to solve all our complex questions and answers about the beginning of the universe.  It would (if I understand the thing) identify what actually holds all things together.  It would tell us why our dog is pasted together, what keeps Fido’s molecules from just coming apart, what keeps the little fella’s molecules from just flying all over the place.  We’ve had a pretty good suggestion, even a final word on the subject for 6000 years now: God created the universe, ‘all things were created by Him, and for Him; and He is before all things, and by Him all things consist (hold together).’  We seem to struggle with that ‘consist’ thing for some reason.

We (the majority of the world’s people) continue to get confirmation of the reality of the Bible version of life but continue to resist those findings. The world could accept news of that confirming information, but they just dig in their heels and find some excuse to question that confirmation.  Why is that?

I’ve watched human nature for a few years now.  I’m becoming more convinced that there is really only one thing going on in the earth.  Remember the Wisdom of God that was presented to us when Jesus said that you are either for me or against me.  There are literally thousands, perhaps millions, of ways to rebel against the knowledge of God.  There are so many ways it makes us dizzy constantly fighting ‘evil’ in the earth.  Paul said fighting evil was like beating the air.  It’s not that we have uniform behavior against the Love of God, but none the less there is a uniform purpose that opposes it.  Seems that everywhere we turn we find someone doing something that is horrendous or self-serving.  But when you boil it all down it’s just simply the innate desire to be independent from God.  Things have really not changed since the Garden of Eden.  We are still little Adams and Eves vying to have our own way.  Simply, we are for Him or we are against Him.  It’s a little weird how there always seems to be a resistance to everything Godly.  I know good people, people that are motivated out of a desire that they believe to be right, but they just naturally resist the Love and the Wisdom of God without blinking an eye.  All you have to do is watch the news to know that there’s a spirit of anti-Christ in the earth, active against all that is of Faith.  You gotta know that everyone is not conspiring; sitting up nights planning ways to destroy the lovely, the peaceful, and the truthful.  God said that it was a lie that attracted people away from His Grace, a great Lie.  A powerful Lie!

Have you noticed how many angry people there are, especially those that oppose the teachings of Christ?  It can be a religious anger or a secular anger but they are angry for one reason only: they do not want to admit to the reality of God.  They are mad because they’re being forced to make that acknowledgement just by waking up each day.  It frustrates them because they’re confronted in their hearts by having to admit God exists, and they’re having to rebel against the very thought of a God that is calling the shots. They want to call the shots!  They get up in the morning, not thinking of what evil they can do today, but get up with ‘attitude’ about their rights; their independence to a ‘right to life’ that opposes the very freedom they could find in Christ.  Sometimes there’s nothing quite as angry as a child’s anger when they reject the obvious love of parents.  Choosing to go their own way, choosing to oppose, many times produces an unreasonable, illogical anger.  As God’s creation we do the same. People, who in their subconscious, know there’s a God but they’re just really ‘ticked’ about it.  No one I know that rebels against the freedom of Christ is truly free.  As far as I can see, they are captured and enslaved by anger and frustration.  This country is being turned in an opposite direction from God with a slogan that counterfeits the real rights provided by Grace and Peace in Christ.  They turn to their own ways in the name of their freedom of speech while gagging the Word of God in their lives.  The Wisdom of God says there is a way that seems right to men but the end of that is calamity.  Boy, have we got the calamity!

Without a ‘coming to Christ’ that changes us and gives us the possibility of Peace, anger is a default life pattern that the whole world falls into.  Only The Father gives Peace that passes understanding.  Watching friends and what’s been obvious with Jane is the absence of calamity.  Peace is not simply the absence of hostility but a condition of the heart that makes the storms of life settle; it’s the still waters of Psalm 23.  It comforts, leads, calms and it is present in the middle of all our fears and tears.  While staying with her in the hospital, I told Jane, ‘I can’t find any Job in me.’  Unlike Job when his normal was no longer normal, I could not make any accusation against God.  I could find no fear, only praise.  I think my friends are finding that same Peace, truly believing ‘there’s more that rises in the morning than the sun, and more that shines in the night than just the moon.  It’s more than just this fire here that keeps me warm in a shelter that is larger than this room’ (Rich Mullins), there is something bigger going on here and it’s for us daily to say: there is a God and I call Him Father and He is present here, now!  Knowing God calms the seas in our lives and denying God creates a storm in the middle of unbelief.

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